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Lavalantula (2015) Full Movie Dvd Free

Lavalantula    25 Jul 2015

TV-14 81 min HD MoviesHorrorSci-Fi

IMDB: 6.0/10 897 votes

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In the Lavalantula monster movie, a former action hero in Los Angeles before huge fire spinning must save attack the fire spinning.

The pompous action star Colton West has his best time behind and gets only roles in cheap monster movies. But one day an earthquake rocked the city of Los Angeles and promotes ghastly days: huge lava spewing spiders from volcanic glass. West can now prove what is in him; he knows the best with absurd monsters. Only problem: people believe him because of his reputation as a trash – movie star first. A fatal mistake!

Giant volcanic rock respiration tarantulas Lavalantulas erupt out of ancient volcanos within the Santa Monica Mountains, descending death and destruction upon l. With town of Angels on the verge of combustion, solely a washed up ‘90s action hero actor stands within the method of this monstrous swarm of bloody creatures WHO burn their victims alive.

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