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The Trust (2016) Full Movie Dvd Online

The Trust    13 Mar 2016

R 93 min CrimeHD MoviesThriller

IMDB: 7.1/10 458 votes


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In the thriller the trust stumble Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood as corrupt cops about a mysterious safe and decide to try as a bank robber.

Jim Stone and David Waters are police officers, but not to the heroic investigators, who solve murder cases or a week to put bad guys behind bars. Instead, they spend their humdrum daily Office with administrative work and earn the one or the other additional dollars under the table by selling stolen exam questions to other cops.

But then, a way to make a buck opened two bored law enforcement: when Jim Stone namely hears of a heroin dealer who could pay his extremely high bail with astonishing ease, he sees his chance to get something of this lucrative pie. Together with David Waters, he follows the trail of the dismissed workers on probation and finds a safe, could be compared with every major bank in the back room of a supermarket refrigerator.

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